New benchmarks for spring bean crop

Two new spring bean varieties from LSPB are set to boost crop performance significantly over the next couple of years.

Fanfare and Vertigo promise excellent yields and good access to premium markets. Both have entered their first year of provisional recommendation on the PGRO spring bean list.

"Fanfare is likely to prove popular with growers, having a yield score of 110, good standing ability and Fuego-like earliness,' says LSPB managing director Theo Labuda.

"It also promises excellent marketability once it is commercially launched next year, having scooped this year's BEPA award as the best human consumption bean.'

The variety will be released to the trade for further multiplication this spring.

The aptly named Vertigo scores 114 for yield, a full 10 points ahead of Fuego. In terms of seed availability the variety is a year behind Fanfare. Commercial seed multiplication will begin in 2014 and C2 supplies should be widely available in 2015.

"Judging by its current performance this is a variety that growers will be looking forward to growing,' says Mr Labuda.

Simon Kightley of NIAB TAG describes Fanfare and Vertigo as breakthrough varieties. "Spring beans have been stuck in a rut for years – these two varieties are bounding along.'

Downy mildew will need watching, Mr Kightley adds. "However, in the current price climate a couple of sprays will be easily justifiable. And they are only one point below Fuego which is the out-and-out market leader.'

Both varieties are likely to have strong export appeal. Andy Bury, national pulses trader at Frontier Agriculture, says the samples of Fanfare he has seen look very encouraging.

"Seed size should be fine and colour is spot on. That and its additional yield should mean all available seed will be drilled this spring.' Vertigo looks even better, with a good bold seed that will have strong appeal, he adds.

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